An Embroidery without any reverse side


Embroidery on cloth

75 cm diameter

Exhibited at

Aiko Tezuka, INAX Gallery 2, Tokyo, Japan (2005) Thin Film, Underground Forest, SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Centre, Tokyo, Japan (2007)


Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama, Japan

An Embroidery without any reverse side

This embroidery work refers to the unique pattern of an ancient Japanese fabric with roundels of floral patterns on a red ground. A half of a circle shows the front side of the embroidery, while the other half shows the reverse side. The featured images are: Stand cover, Silk; Nishiki with roundels of flowering plants on a red ground, fabric, and fragment (Shōsō-in temple, Japan, late 8C).

Photo by

Masaru Yanagiba