Flowery Obscurity (The Night Watch)


Jacquard weaving designed by the artist with coloured warp threads (materials of the threads are acrylic, cotton and wool)

H.130 x W.174 cm


Fabric development and production by TextielMuseum | TextielLab – Tilburg, the Netherlands, product developer is Judith Peskens (TextielMuseum | TextielLab)

(edition 3)

Exhibited at

2019 Dear Oblivion – 親愛なる忘却へ, Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin, Germany
2019 Dear Oblivion – 親愛なる忘却へ, Spiral, Tokyo, Japan
2023 Art Verona, Kanalidarte Gallery’s booth, Verona, Italy
2023 Officina De Rerum Natura, Kanalidarte Gallery, Brescia, Italy

Flowery Obscurity (The Night Watch)

Collaboration with Ching-Ling Wang (the curator of Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

“Art and History Intertwined: On Aiko Tezuka’s Project Rembrandt x Chintz” text by Ching-Ling Wang

Photo by

Lepkowski Studios, Berlin