Outside of Modernism Text by Nakai Yasuyuki

Nakai Yasuyuki - Curator of The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan, March 2004

It isn’t painting and it isn’t sculpture. Yet, neither is it a work of so-called industrial art. Nevertheless, what Tezuka Aiko makes is unquestionably art. People question the form of a painting, the origin of a sculpture, the tradition of industrial art. In contrast, Tezuka’s work appears to unravel the “structure (text)” of preexisting frameworks of this type.

Viewers comprehend her work as painting, take note of the sculptural space and recognize the materials used in industrial art. But Tezuka is not remonstrating against an illusion, neither is she constructing a space to eliminate mass or rebelling against the tradition of industrial art. Still, Tezuka Aiko is clearly attempting to give a new “form to the art work.”