Artist Statement in 2012, June

Deconstruction of everyday material in the context of the history of painting underpins my work, often realised as objects and installations. The ways in which the world is constructed usually remain invisible or mysterious. Much time, process and material are woven into an object, whether natural or man-made, that embodies a function or story. I am interested in loosening up such readymade narratives to unravel forgotten histories or discover new plotlines. Pervading my creative processes are techniques and rules I have developed over the years: untying and unwinding the fabric; revealing the material structure; juxtaposing time and place; transforming opacity into transparency, and no cutting or pasting, addition or removal of material to maintain continuity, to name a few. By unravelling and recomposing the layers, structures and stories hidden in the material frameworks, I aim to facilitate the reexamination of the subjective nature of time and the process of metamorphosis.

Aiko Tezuka
Berlin, June 2012