Thin Film, Underground Forest


Embroidered yarn on canvas, iron

H.200 × 700 cm diameter

Exhibited at

Thin Film, Underground Forest, SPIRAL / Wacoal art center, Tokyo, Japan (2007), TOMROM, Larvik kunstforening, Larvik, Vestfold, Norway (2015), Lessons for Restoration, MAGO, Eidsvoll, Akershus, Norway (20015)

Thin Film, Underground Forest

The images featured;

Stand cover, Silk; Nishiki with roundels of flowering plants on a read ground, fabric, fragment (Shōsō-in temple, Japan, late 8C)
Calico pattern (India,18C)
Book of Durrow, carpet page, Celtic pattern (Ireland, 7C)
“Mitsudomoe-mon”, a family crest with three comma-shaped figures in a circle (Japan, Unknown)
Mosque tile pattern (Iran,14-15C)
Fabric pattern (Spain,18C)

This large embroidery work is 2 meters high, while the top embroidered pattern cannot be seen from under it. The visitors can walk through the ‘forest’ of threads underneath the embroidery. Only from the top of stairs beside it, can the visitors see that the passages are made according to the embroidered pattern. The pattern is designed by the artist with 6 traditional patterns found in the Eastern and the Western designs.

Photo by

Chris Erlbeck / Masaru Yanagiba / Katsuhiro Ichikawa