Colorless, Transparent, Spreading


Embroidery with threads extracted from a ready-made fabric, organza

224 x 166.5 x 15 cm (installation, size flexible) (fabric: 150 x 60 cm each)

Exhibited at

2022 Wash hands in a fountain, Daikokuya, Nasushiobara, Japan

Colorless, Transparent, Spreading

The problem with the coronavirus is that it is colourless and transparent. While riding a city bus in Berlin when the coronavirus started, I vaguely used to think that I wished it had colour and shape. Looking back, the things that have caused problems in history have always been colourless and transparent, lurking in our lives. I embroidered images of colourless and transparent things hidden in our daily lives that seem to have no problems and of them scattering.

Photo by

Shintaro Yamanaka (Qsyum!) 山中慎太郎 (Qsyum!)