Suspended Organs (Embryo)


Canvas print

60 x 60 x 4 cm

Exhibited at

Ghost – Suspended Organs, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (2013)

Suspended Organs (Embryo)

The drawing printed on canvas shows two juxtaposed images. One is an image of a nuclear power plant and another is an embryo. After the Fukushima disaster in 2011, we, Japanese, often had opportunities to see the blueprint of the nuclear power plant on TV, which we had hardly ever seen before the disaster. While I was watching it on TV, I found that the structure of nuclear power plants seems similar to the anatomy of the human body; it has to dispose of dirty water after generating energy. This drawing was based on my realization that humans give birth not only to babies but also a kind of monster that we cannot control and harms humanity, and the fact is that we have just created the one.   Related Work: Suspended Organs (Reactor) 

Photo by

Kai Magnusson