Two Identical Scarves from H&M, extracted Threads #4


Readymade fabric (H&M scarves), extracted threads of four colours

250 x 300 cm (fabric 182 x 72 cm each)

Exhibited at

The Empire of Folds: Fashion and Textile Art from Japan, Museum Bellerive, Ein Haus des Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, Switzerland (2013),

Japanische Gegenwartskunst und Textil, Mikiko Sato Gallery, Hamburg (2014)

Thin Membrane, Pictures Come Down, Dortmunder Kunstverein, Dortmund, Germany (2014)

The materials of this work were identical scarves procured from the ‘fast-fashion’ brand H&M in London. This work was inspired by the concept of “Infra-mince*” formulated by Marcel Duchamp. In the note of Infra-mince No. 35, he states that ‘There is a crude conception of the déjà vu that leads from a generic grouping (two trees, two boats) to the most identical “castings.” It would be better to try to go into the infra-thin interval that separates two “identicals” than to conveniently accept the verbal generalisation that makes two twins look like two drops of water’. I was inspired by this passage and the work was made in homage to it. *Infra-mince is the word coined by Marcel Duchamp in French, meaning ultra-tiny or ultra-thin. When asked about the conceptual definition of the term “Infra-mince” Duchamp replied that the notion is impossible to define, and “one can only give examples of it; the warmth of a seat (which has just/been left) is infra-mince or the difference in displaced volume between a clean shirt and the same shirt worn once.”

Two Identical Scarves from H&M, extracted Threads #4

Photo by

Roland Baege, Dortmund