Unravelled secondhand cloth (probably made in 1920’s Germany)

H.213 x W.160 x D.30 cm

Exhibited at

Rewoven at Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin, Germany (2013)

Lessons for Restoration, MAGO, Norway (2015)


The second-hand cloth made in the 1920’s Germany has been unravelled. The fabric does not look clean because of some stain marks that show its long history. The reason why I often choose the old fabric is that I became attracted to the fabrics made in this era in Germany thanks to its excellent quality. I first came across these well-made fabrics when I was strolling through a Sunday market in Berlin. I asked shop staff how old these fabrics were when I found this kind of fabric in one store. When I was told that it was nearly 100 years old I could not believe it. But I eventually came to believe her because shopkeepers in other stores also said the same. It was nearly 100 years old and made around 1910-30. The period was before the rise of Nazism and it seemed that the qualities of fabrics before and after the emergence of Nazism are very different. Since the discovery, I have been collecting this kind of daily-use fabrics made prior to 1930.

Photo by

Lepkowski Studios, Berlin / Ute Klein

This work was exhibited at

  • Solo Exhibition
    9 November - 21 December 2013
    Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin, Germany