Two kinds of object that liquid runs through


Installation with bamboo and vinyl chloride pipe

Exhibited at

In Search of Critical Imagination, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan (2014)

Two kinds of object that liquid runs through

The point of departure for this work was the traditional object “Shishiodoshi” long inherited in Japan. The Shishiodoshi is a water-filled bamboo tube, which clacks against a stone when emptied; a device to frighten away birds from gardens. It reminds us of the serene scenery of Japanese gardens and clear spring water. For this installation, I made two kinds of Shishiodoshi. One is made of bamboo as the traditional material, and the other is made of grey water pipes. One symbolises a clean water and nature, while the other reminds us of dirty water. I made this work in response to the nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima.

Photo by

Shintaro Yamanaka