Fragile Surface (Mutterkuchen) – Indigo Basket


A basket knitted with unraveled fabric, wooden frame

H.56 x W.49 cm (frame size: 30 x 49 cm)

Exhibited at

2023 ASIA NOW, Paris, France

Fragile Surface (Mutterkuchen) – Indigo Basket

A single basket is woven with indigo threads extracted from ready-made textiles. The basket structure is a metaphor for our body: a soft bag to catch the fragments of our body after we have dismantled it. The basket has a rough mesh, and some fragments may spill down.

We look at history, dismantle ourselves, accept it again, and what falls out of it. I have been looking at that cycle and was also thinking about this as I read Indigo’s history.

Created during Majhi International Art Residency 2023 organized by Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation (DBF)

Photo by

Seeta Chang, Courtesy of DBF