Ghost in Indigo (Knitting)


Unraveled fabric designed by the artist, knitting with the extracted threads from the fabric, wooden panel

Fabric development and production by TextielMuseum | TextielLab – Tilburg, the Netherlands, product developer is Judith Peskens (TextielMuseum | TextielLab)

H.66 x W.91.3 x D.3 cm

Exhibited at
Ghost in Indigo (Knitting)

The blue and black coloured threads are extracted on the centre part of the fabric, and the threads pulled are knitted on the left part without cutting.

The fabric refers to Stand cover (kyokechi-dyed fabric) in the 8th century in Japan and contemporary symbols are sprinkled over the traditional fabric as a part of flowers. The contemporary symbols that are surrounding us in the society are quoted from copyright mark, @ mark, nuclear symbol, bio mark, peace mark, credit card company symbols, gene image, irradiated mark, placenta image, womb image, biohazard mark and etc.