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Majhi International Art Residency 2023 Paris, France

Aiko Tezuka will be part of the Majhi International Art Residency 2023 in Paris, running from October 7th to 23rd. Hosted by the Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation, this residency fosters connections between Eastern and Western art traditions. Aiko Tezuka, along with fellow artists Rajyashri Goody and Raisa Kabir, will be creating unique artworks during this time, reflecting the influence of cultural exchange. These artworks will be featured in an exhibition thoughtfully curated by guest curator Ricko Leung. The curatorial theme of the residency this year and the end-of-residency exhibition will be around indigo’s history and conceptual meaning. It is a material closely tied to the colonial history of Bengal, much of which now forms current Bangladesh. Meanwhile, it is a pigment that has a very close relationship with textile, which coincide with one of the focuses of the venue partner Asia Now Paris Asian Art Fair. The work created during this residency will be the connection between plant and textile and the historical or cultural meanings of the blue color.